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As you know, the main component of every air conditioner is a compressor. The approximate term that the air conditioner can last is 7-10 years. The service life depends directly on its main component - the compressor. The reasons for which the air conditioner can last less than what it is - are different. Above all, the service life depends on external factors. For example, inaccurate calculation of room temperature. In addition, it has a significant impact on the duration of the installation service of the equipment, as well as inexpensive components. Another important factor is the lack of maintenance, which is a mandatory stage. Manufacturers of air conditioners constantly continue a huge work on improving the compressor. The support bearing, protection system, spiral elements are subject to constant changes. The improvement of the system of protection against voltage surges allows to minimize vibrations during the operation of the equipment.

   As a result of improving the data, the air conditioner will save energy and become completely silent. The importance of the compressor lies in its ability to absorb refrigerant vapor, which is quite harmful. He compresses them and pumps them into the condenser. In the end, the refrigerant comes out of the evaporator in the form of gas with a low pressure of up to 5 bar. There it will be compressed to a pressure of 25 bar, and then it will enter the condenser.

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